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The gingham checked fabric is a timeless classic print, most often used to produce shirts. However, today you can find this check print on different, more contemporary models of shirts, blouses and tops.

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As you already saw some pictures of Stone Town, and seems like it may not be the most attractive part of the island, let me show you the real reason why tourists want to come to Zanzibar.

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Zanzibar is a semi- autonomous region of Tanzania. It is an archipelago of many small islands, with two main and the biggest ones: Unguja which is informally called Zanzibar (in this post I will refer to Unguja as Zanzibar) and Pemba. The islands of the archipelago are distanced about 25 to 50 km away from the East Coast of Africa, on the Indian Ocean.

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Blazer dress is one of my favorite purchases of this year. Simple, elegant and chic.

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I like to wear things with soul, and this blouse is one of them. This is original blouse of my mom, which she was wearing 32 years ago… It matches perfectly current trends.

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Athens. I always wanted to go there, as it is a place of many beginnings, like the beginning of democracy. It took me some time until I arrived there, simply because Greece always won as summer vacations destination and not a city break one. When we planned to go to Paros island, we chose to take a ferry from the Piraeus port near Athens in order to get there. Due to this fact we decided to take a chance and visit Athens. We had just 1,5 day, but we had enough time to see what we wanted to.

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When the temperature hits 35 Celsius degrees, the only comfy clothes I find, are those that will not stick to your body. In my opinion the best fabrics are viscose (which gives this cooling impression), and thin cotton.

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Santorini belongs to the most famous Greek islands, often considered one of the top honey moon destinations in the world. We took a chance to visit this place while spending our vacation on the Paros island.

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Greece is surely a beautiful summer destination. I have spent my vacations there several times, and always had a great time, because Greece offers everything summer vacation is about- warm sea, sunny weather, sandy beach, unforgettable views and delicious food. One of the latest places I have been to is a little island of Paros which is located about 3,5 hours by ferry from the Piraeus port near Athens. It belongs to Cyclades in the Aegean Sea.

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The last stop, but in my opinion the most important, during the travel through China, was its capital – Beijing. We got there by plane from Xian. This fascinating city with its even more impressing surroundings, left us with a deep impression.