Athens. I always wanted to go there, as it is a place of many beginnings, like the beginning of democracy. It took me some time until I arrived there, simply because Greece always won as summer vacations destination and not a city break one. When we planned to go to Paros island, we chose to take a ferry from the Piraeus port near Athens in order to get there. Due to this fact we decided to take a chance and visit Athens. We had just 1,5 day, but we had enough time to see what we wanted to.

The most important place for me was Acropolis, I suppose as it is to most of the tourists. We went there in the morning, hoping to avoid a big crowd. At the end we somehow did, but please do not imagine there was no people! It was just not overcrowded 😀 I enjoyed the place very much, and appreciated that something this old is still preserved and we can look at it nowadays. Climbing on the mountain of gods was not very easy, but doable. However it’s better to take other shoes than slippers.

From Acropolis you can see the Odeon of theHerrodes Atticus:

As I am not a big fan o visiting Greek ruins, I did not visit much of them in the city. I have seen numerous residues after different temples in Greece, they do not really differ that much…

A very nice thing to see was the guard change ceremony in front of the Parliament.

We walked through the streets of the city, and enjoyed its atmosphere. I was surprised that the city looks a bit not taken care of, and reminded me of Bucharest. However I saw people staying in the coffee shops, restaurants and enjoying the life. I hope to see it more in Poland.