Berlin is located close to my hometown (it’s just 3h driving), but even that I have visited this city only last year. Possibly it would not extend in time some much, if not the fact that about 10 years ago I have moved to Romania, which is more far away.

I have visited some western German cities like Dusseldorf of Munich before, mainly due to the job. They are big, modern and very developed, but Berlin is not the same. It is a unique city, which does not remind of the western German cities, but more of some eastern European, like Polish ones. It is the Second World War and post-war history that shaped what we can see today- the city that not so long time ago was divided between two countries with such different systems, but inhabited by one nation. West Germany- Federal Republic of Germany, under the occupation of 3 countries: France, USA, Great Britain and East Germany- German Democratic Republic, under the Soviet Union.

Due to this fact Berlin is very interesting, especially for people who like the contemporary history. It is also an “alternative” city. Many ongoing festivals and arts visible all over the city show the specific charm. The students’, multicultural, melting pot city in a few words.

What impressed me about Berlin? Personally I like to discover more about the history, as I was raised in a home where at least two persons were very passionate about this subject- one of them is my father who used to tell us how important is the history in our life, and the other one is my older sister who is a PhD graduate in history, from whom I am very proud! 🙂

We have spent just 3 days in Berlin (so called long weekend), but there is enough to do there for a longer period, and that is why I am going to come back for sure!

In order to visit as much as possible in this short time we have decided to go for a Free Walking Tour’s offer. We have chosen 3 tours, which were the paid ones:

  • The Best of Berlin (the most important places to visit)
  • Third Reich Tour
  • Cold War Tour

Each of them costs 15 EUR, and takes from 3 to 6 hours. The first one is the best solution to see all, and not miss any of the most important sights for a first time visit.

Two others are for the fans of the history, as they touch just the specific subjects, for example during the Third Reich Tour we could see the location of the bunker in which Adolph Hitler has committed suicide, places in which the opposition was executed, prisons, or the monuments memorizing those that have lost their lives during the war.

The Cold War tour was mainly around the subjects of: the Berlin Wall history, we have visited Stasi Museum- former intelligence office, and we also had a trip to the metro stations, which until today have marks of the city’s division.

Both of the tours were like the outdoor seminars to me. The stories told us by the tour guides not only were interesting, but also helped us imagine how people lived their lives in those times. There is a question that was asked during the Cold War Tour that remained in my mind: What is more important for us in life: the justice of the freedom? It was really hard to decide, as is it really possible to choose between them?

Berlin is worth visiting to find out about its special atmosphere. We are surely going to come back.