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The gingham checked fabric is a timeless classic print, most often used to produce shirts. However, today you can find this check print on different, more contemporary models of shirts, blouses and tops.

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Blazer dress is one of my favorite purchases of this year. Simple, elegant and chic.

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I like to wear things with soul, and this blouse is one of them. This is original blouse of my mom, which she was wearing 32 years ago… It matches perfectly current trends.

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When the temperature hits 35 Celsius degrees, the only comfy clothes I find, are those that will not stick to your body. In my opinion the best fabrics are viscose (which gives this cooling impression), and thin cotton.

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Hot summer is definitely the time to wear dresses. I preferred mostly the above knee ones, and I thought that if the midi is at least good with heels, the maxi is no good at all:)

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Stripes are something classic, and fortunately in trend right now. As you have probably noticed until now, I love things that will last, and so this skirt will. This is my summer sale purchase. Great material and texture.

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The sport style went from the gym to the streets. We can enjoy comfort being fashionable. Personally I like it a lot, and trousers with side band are my favourite. Below you can see how I combine it.

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Flowers are currently a very strong trend in fashion. Especially, in collections of such designers as Valentino  or Dolce&Gabbana. My look has been inspired by the Valentino fairy-tale dresses, which I personally adore. 

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I have never thought that wide leg pants are for me, actually this currently strong trend made me try them in the store and fall in love with them from the first sight.