Shanghai was the first stop on our trip through China. I was very curious about it as I have not been in such a big and populated city before, apart from Istanbul. This is the most populous city in the world (aprox.24 mln), and also one of the major centers of global trade, with the world’s third biggest port.

We have visited China in April, and the weather reminded me of Polish spring with the temperatures between 17th and 20th C degrees.

Our sightseeing started on the Bunda promenade, as our hotel was just nearby. Our tour guide ( in every Chinese city we had a private guide- this is due to the fact that not many Chinese people speak English, and sightseeing would be much more difficult alone) showed us around, focusing on the skyscrapers- which make Shanghainese people proud. In the evening we had a drink in a bar located on the top floor of one of them. The view indeed was incredible.

We did not have the best weather for taking pictures that day, as it was cloudy, however despite that we enjoyed strolling around.

The promenade is full of postcolonial buildings, whose architectural style reminds me of the European one. Today, they are location to expensive hotels and banks.

The next point of our visit was the Old City- very crowded, representing traditional Chinese architecture.

Very interesting, and beautiful escape from the hubbub of the city, were the Yu Yuan Gardens (The Gardens of Happiness), which make a part of the old city.

We also took a chance to drink a delicious traditional green tea in one of the tea houses there.

Next we could learn about Chinese Buddhism tradition in the Jade Buddha Temple. We could see the monks praying and people lighting incenses.

The next interesting place to visit was a silk factory, where we could see the production process, from larva to the ready goods, of this expensive product .

In the evenings we took a walk on the Nanjing Road, the famous shopping street. The most interesting part was a traditional market with street food that was ready to taste. You can see it in the pictures below…

We were lucky to have a chance to go to the Shanghai Auto 2013 Expo, which is one of the world’s biggest exposition of this kind and where you can see the most luxurious cars.

We spent 3 days in Shanghai and it was just enough to see the most important places in the city.