Lately, Malta became more and more popular due to the newly introduced low cost flights.


Because of the cheap plane tickets offers we decided to go there in the middle of September. Personally I prefer the temperatures in that period of the year, as I think they are much more bearable. Besides some historical facts like the former British Colony or headquarter of the Crusaders, we did not really know much about the island. After purchasing the plane tickets we started to prepare ourselves by reading about the history of Malta and by identifying places that are worth to visit.

Taking into consideration the fact that the trip was meant to take less than 4 days (including arrival and departure day), we decided to rent a car in order to move quicker and to maximize the amount of places we chose to visit.The only disadvantage of renting a car in Malta is the left side traffic, which can be a challenge for the inexperienced ones:).

Sunbathing was not on our to-do list, instead we wanted to sightsee. For this reason we have booked a hotel that was not at the beach. Hotel Valentina in Paceville town was a very good choice; I can definitely recommend that hotel: (buy modafinil uk reddit).

The first point of our trip was Mdina town, also known as a silent city, which served as a capital in the past. On the way, we stopped in Mosta, which is famous for its Assumption Dome,


and further to Mdina. As for me this is an incredible place full of charm. Narrow streets disserted and secluded from car traffic make you feel like you’ve been transported into a fairytale. Ubiquitous Maltese handle adorn the doors of the sandy buildings which blend into a single body from far away.







From Mdina we went to the town of Rabat. Actually connected to Mdina, is a typical Maltese town, “not silent” this time, where we had a special opportunity to play a very popular on the island game BINGO:). Most of the players were older ladies who welcomed us very warmly and explained the rules of the game.  What’s interesting – I was lucky to win a Full House, aprox.10 EUR, which definitely covered the costs spent on the bingo cards:). Bingo players below:


We then went to Valleta, current capital of the island. The city is presently undergoing the renovation and is becoming more and more beautiful. We walked through the small streets, visited Barakka gardens, and also saw The Grandmaster’s Palace. We were also tempted to go on the little tourist’s train from which allowed us to see the most important places.






The next point that we have visited were Three Cities:  Birigu, Bromla and Isla (known also as:  Vittoriosa, Senglea & Cospicua), which are neighboring cities of Valetta. We have stopped there for lunch but also took a walk in the port. Three Cities consist of the twisted, but also steep streets- very charming.

On the way to the Tree Cities our attention was caught by a huge billboard which advertised the Festa in the nearby town. We decided to take a closer look at this. After reaching the town it showed that this is the last Festa on the island this year and this was our great chance to take part in this amazing Christian tradition of the island.  This festivity is related to the Saint-Patron of the town. After visiting the Three Cities we went back to a small town, the name of which I can’t recall now, and took a look at what was going on there! :



Besides the places I have mentioned above we also had a chance to get to see Marsaxlokk, where there is a port market, which is numerously visited by the tourist as well as the local people, and to see the Blue Groto, what at the end means a small boat trip in order to see the caves and rocky recesses, where the sunlight plays with the water and brings out incredible colors of nature.




Malta is an island that remains very raw and untouched, which contains many different cultural influences.  I would definitely go there again, but this time my main purpose would be to relax more, probably on the island of Gozo and its warm beaches.