While in Marrakesh, we decided to purchase a trip to Ouzoud Falls which are situated close to the Atlas Mountains. The trip took us around 2,5 hours. A perfect duration for a for a one-day trip. Unfortunately, it is impossible to visit the waterfalls on one’s own…This might sound a little bit strange, but after we arrived, the local guide was already waiting for us. On our road to the Falls, we passed through a very beautiful olive grove. What’s interesting, is that the trees are owned by various families who gather the olives and press delicious oil (we were able to taste it in the local restaurants).dsc_0635

In order to reach the falls you need to go down the stairs. How is the road back… probably you can guess:) dsc_0696

dsc_0703There are a lot of stairs, however it is worth the effort. The view from the bottom is…amazing! I am not talking here only about the Ouzoud Falls, which are definitely an attraction, but what rafts do they have there! To me, the rafts were the most interesting part there! However, they had a savoir of kitsch… I have already had the occasion to see the tremendous Victoria Falls, that is why, the sight of the Falls itself was nothing out of extraordinary for me. Oh, but the royal chairs on the barrel rafts! The view was unforgettable!dsc_0709

dsc_0786For the princesses disembarking the rafts, there was a white horse too:)dsc_0841On our way back, we stopped and were welcomed by some monkeys. Unfortunately, despite the ban, people still feed them. It is this that attracts huge amounts of them. Admiring them is nice but when they start to approach us, it becomes a little unpleasant…dsc_0861


Our next trip from Marrakesh was a trip to port city, Essaouira.

On the way we saw the famous goats on the trees. It is being explained to us that the goats stay on the trees because of the lack of food on the ground, however I started to wonder why they just stand on one tree next to the road and the bus with the tourists…dsc_0900


The town of Essaouira is full of charm… narrow streets, ubiquitous stalls. During the trip through the port, we were able to see fishermen at work and their faithful companions – seagulls. Below are some pictures.dsc_0928









dsc_1003 Pictures from the port:dsc_0093









The time to leave Marrakesh finally came. Our return flight was from the biggest city in Morocco, Casablanca. This time, we decided to take a train and I found it similar to those in Poland. The travel via this means of transport, allowed me to find out that Moroccans are exceptionally kind people. Even though the lady who was traveling with us in the same compartment did not speak any English (Moroccans have a very good command of French since Morocco was a French colony), she was trying to communicate with us (a little bit in Arabic, in French and by using gestures). For a wonder, she was able to help us by explaining when and where to get off. This is not so obvious in Moroccan trains… I have an impression that the trains there, just like buses, are not tourist-oriented yet:)

In Casablanca, we were looking in vain for locations of the iconic movie under the same title. It is a dynamic city with huge skyscrapers, and to me, a little bit devoid of the “Moroccan” character that had already impressed me in the previous cities. Despite that, very interesting and worth-seeing sight is an enormous Hassan II Mosque, third when it comes to the size in the world. A unique building.dsc_0258

dsc_0284 dsc_0369


At the end of our trip, we visited the biggest shopping mall in Africa which is situated exactly in Casablanca. I came back from Morocco with two new pairs of shoes:)