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Hot summer is definitely the time to wear dresses. I preferred mostly the above knee ones, and I thought that if the midi is at least good with heels, the maxi is no good at all:)

The striped skirt

Stripes are something classic, and fortunately in trend right now. As you have probably noticed until now, I love things that will last, and so this skirt will. This is my summer sale purchase. Great material and texture.


Next stop on our journey through China was a city of Xian, known also as Chang’an, which means an eternal city.

Since it is located far from Hangzhou (in the North West, however, more central part of the country), we travelled there by plane. This city is especially interesting from the historical point of view, as it was a birth place of the ancient Chinese civilization, and its first capital.


Hangzhou is located in Zhejiang Province in East China. We got there from Shanghai by fast train (it is 176 km away), and you can see it in the picture below. It was the first time when experience this kind of a travel. Certainly it was quick and very comfortable.

Conquering China- Shanghai

Shanghai was the first stop on our trip through China. I was very curious about it as I have not been in such a big and populated city before, apart from Istanbul. This is the most populous city in the world (aprox.24 mln), and also one of the major centers of global trade, with the world’s third biggest port.

Little black dress


Berlin is located close to my hometown (it’s just 3h driving), but even that I have visited this city only last year. Possibly it would not extend in time some much, if not the fact that about 10 years ago I have moved to Romania, which is more far away.

Sport style in fashion

The sport style went from the gym to the streets. We can enjoy comfort being fashionable. Personally I like it a lot, and trousers with side band are my favourite. Below you can see how I combine it.

Flower fairy

Flowers are currently a very strong trend in fashion. Especially, in collections of such designers as Valentino  or Dolce&Gabbana. My look has been inspired by the Valentino fairy-tale dresses, which I personally adore. 

Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

For those planning to take some time off, having in mind hot weather, lying on the beach and great suntan – Croatia will be perfect. Every year, the stunning coastline of this country invites numerous tourists to come and rest.