The Best of Cape & the Kruger National Park

South Africa has a lot to offer to its visitors. This most southern country of the African continent is very various in natures and the landscape. The temperatures are very pleasant, as they do not go below 10’C and more than 32’C during the year. Only high in the mountains you can find some snow.

Christmas in a different way.

South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Christmas time for me means family and my favorite way to spend it is this way, with my family. However three years ago we decided to spend them in a different way. We visited South Africa, amazed by the stories told by our friends who have visited this country before. First we thought to go just after the Christmas time, but because of the much higher plane tickets prices we were somehow pressed to leave on the Christmas Eve.

Portugal by car

Portugal has a very well-developed highway system. That is why; we have decided that the car will be the fastest and most comfortable means of transport to visit the places we wanted to. We rented a car and planned the route that ended in the city of Porto.

Wide leg pants trend

I have never thought that wide leg pants are for me, actually this currently strong trend made me try them in the store and fall in love with them from the first sight.



Portugal is a country that you hear a lot about, particularly during history classes. After all, it is the country of the great explorers such as: Vasco da Gama or Bartolomeu Dias. It is thanks to the incredible history of this country, that Portugal is known all around the world and Portuguese descendants inhabit various regions of the world that used to be its overseas colonies.

Going out tonight

The festive period has started. We can definitely see it in the stores’ offers.

Morocco_part 2

While in Marrakesh, we decided to purchase a trip to Ouzoud Falls which are situated close to the Atlas Mountains. The trip took us around 2,5 hours. A perfect duration for a for a one-day trip. Unfortunately, it is impossible to visit the waterfalls on one’s own…

Morocco_part 1


When thinking about this country I still feel unsatisfied. I know there is much more to see and even if we have spent 10 days there, there are enough places to visit for another month .


Baby doll Dress

I found this dress recently and just love it!



The idea of going to Barcelona was on my mind for a long time. Most of my friends have already visited the city and encouraged me through their stories about a specific charm of the place. My friends from university moved there to study further, and meeting them was another strong point to visit the city.