Portugal is a country that you hear a lot about, particularly during history classes. After all, it is the country of the great explorers such as: Vasco da Gama or Bartolomeu Dias. It is thanks to the incredible history of this country, that Portugal is known all around the world and Portuguese descendants inhabit various regions of the world that used to be its overseas colonies.As the westernmost country of Europe (the headland of Cabo da Roca – proof of the fact, is situated in Portugal). I was under the impression that it is less accessible than e.g. nearby Spain. Due to the distance (4.5 half hour by plane from us), we resolved to visit Portugal for a period longer than a few days’ stay. That is why, we spent there 10 days and despite that, we did not succeed in getting to all of its interesting places. We were pleasantly surprised by the prices that are similar to those in Poland or Romania.

The starting point of our journey was the country’s capital. Before the trip, I was wondering whether it’s similar to cities in Spain, however I was pretty surprised that Lisbon, and practically the whole country, is different from what I have already seen. Being under Arabic and Christian culture, it developed its own particular charm.dsc_0003


Lisbon is a rather small city, it is inhabited by around 0.5 million people. Definitely its huge attraction are antique trams, and taking a ride in them is a must. Tram no. 28 will show us the heart of Lisbon, however, on the condition that we will ride in it patiently since truth to tell, during our trip it was very crowded.dsc_0118


I found the Santa Justa lift to be a very interesting attraction. Frankly speaking, I haven’t seen such a construction in a different city. Since the city was built on hills, construction of a couple of lifts, built around 100 years ago, was supposed to help in transferring throughout the city faster.dsc_0024

Rossio Square: dsc_0013view from Portas do Sol:dsc_0220Then, we visited Alfama district, where at every turn, something was drawing our attention; because of that, the time we spent there passed very quickly.dsc_0257



dsc_0241Praça do Comércio seen from Castelo de São Jorge:dsc_0266Praça do Comércio:dsc_0082 sometimes Lisbon can be similar to San Francisco… dsc_0098Some other times, to Rio de Janeiro…dsc_0336Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is a monastery situated in Belém district built in the Manueline style, so specific to Portugal (it is a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance). Inside, among others, you can find the tomb of Vasco da Gama.dsc_0296 In the same district nearby, located is the Torre de Belém:dsc_0354 and Monument to the Discoveries with an observation deck on the top of it:dsc_0343dsc_0325Lisbon is a city full of life and definitely worth recommending.dsc_0108