Santorini belongs to the most famous Greek islands, often considered one of the top honey moon destinations in the world. We took a chance to visit this place while spending our vacation on the Paros island. In order to visit it we bought a trip from the local tourist office, and next day we left Paros on a boat destined for this mysterious island.

I was very curious how it looks like in reality, as I have seen many pictures before and I used to consider it a dream place. Unfortunately, my expectations were not met in full. Indeed, the island is very beautiful, especially the village of Oia, where most of the postcard pictures come from. Due to this fact, it is also very crowded, full of tourists from all the corners of the world, trying to fit in the little streets of the village. We were informed that we came in the right time, as in the high season could come up to 9 ferry boats with visitors, and at that time there were only 3…  Seriously, I cannot imagine where this entire bunch of people would fit in, for me the place was already overcrowded and even taking the pictures was a challenge. I assume that also the locals are tired of tourists, as unattended visitors often go on the top of someones home thinking it is a terrace. We witnessed one grandma screaming in Greek, so people would go down from her roof.

The island is very special, surely it is a world heritage and you will take amazing pictures when there. However I do not recommend to go there for vacation, but just to visit it for one day, as we did.