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Athens. I always wanted to go there, as it is a place of many beginnings, like the beginning of democracy. It took me some time until I arrived there, simply because Greece always won as summer vacations destination and not a city break one. When we planned to go to Paros island, we chose to take a ferry from the Piraeus port near Athens in order to get there. Due to this fact we decided to take a chance and visit Athens. We had just 1,5 day, but we had enough time to see what we wanted to.

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Santorini belongs to the most famous Greek islands, often considered one of the top honey moon destinations in the world. We took a chance to visit this place while spending our vacation on the Paros island.

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Greece is surely a beautiful summer destination. I have spent my vacations there several times, and always had a great time, because Greece offers everything summer vacation is about- warm sea, sunny weather, sandy beach, unforgettable views and delicious food. One of the latest places I have been to is a little island of Paros which is located about 3,5 hours by ferry from the Piraeus port near Athens. It belongs to Cyclades in the Aegean Sea.