Zanzibar is a semi- autonomous region of Tanzania. It is an archipelago of many small islands, with two main and the biggest ones: Unguja which is informally called Zanzibar (in this post I will refer to Unguja as Zanzibar) and Pemba. The islands of the archipelago are distanced about 25 to 50 km away from the East Coast of Africa, on the Indian Ocean.Zanzibar (Unguja) is a beautiful tropical island located around 100 km from Dar es Salaam (the former capital of Tanzania and its main port), what in practice means a short 15min. flight, or 2-3h by a ferry. The island is populated with more than 600 000 people of diverse ethnicity, but mainly by Swahili and Bantu, and these are the main languages spoken on the island.

Streets of Stone Town, which is the main town on the island, are reminding me of those from the Medina (the old town) in Marrakesh. It used to serve as a trade center, also for African slaves.

Stone Town is famous for its reach decorated doors:

This town is a place where Freddie Mercury, the leader of Queen was born. The house in which he leaved serves as a hotel and also a small museum.

The population of Zanzibar is Muslim. The religion was brought here by the Arabs’ merchants in the 10th century.

The local market

To be continued…